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Strength training is the intentional overloading of our muscles, tendons and bones. This loading of the body through weightlifting techniques can manifest many different results. For some the emphasis is on body composition, meaning that the goal is to look more muscular and fit. For others, the emphasis is on the actual strength gained and the ability to produce more measurable strength and power. With this increase in strength and musculature also come many other benefits in our day-to-day mood and overall longevity and quality of life.



Before you begin lifting weights you have to remember that there are methods, techniques and principles involved. Attempting to overload your body in order to gain strength and musculature requires proper technique and science in order to keep you safe and effective during your training sessions. You must learn what moves to do, when to do them, and how to do them.

You must also learn how much weight, how many repetitions and how many sets are required to attain your specific goal. The numbers matter.


  Learning good form is only half of the equation. The other half is in learning how to maintain that form though the entire movement. One of the biggest mistakes made in the gym is allowing the weight (or force) to break our form. We may continue to add weight to an exercise even when our form has broken down. This usually leads to diminished results or even injuries. When working with a personal trainer you will have someone that can help you understand good form, how much weight is enough weight and when its time to make adjustments.


Our body's have natural ways of moving. When we are born we were capable of moving, twisting and bending in ways that as adults we would never even consider. But the reality is that as humans we were designed to move well and move often. Part of learning to strength train is learning to move well and move naturally. Though we may imagine weighlifting as just putting weights on a bar and lifting it. The truth is that knowing how to move will increase our abilities to gain strength and muscle much more effectively than working with limited range of motion.


We have all heard the quote "no pain, no gain". And though there is effort and soreness involved in exercise. We have to know what normal soreness is and what unnatural pain is. The process of strength training must be treated safely and responsibly. Exercise is meant to help and improve our bodies. Anything that does the opposite is not being done correctly.


The body is an adaptation machine. Strength training is simply using the science of movement to cause an adaptation in strength. When we challenge to body it's natural response is to become better equipped for handling that challenge the next time it comes around.

One of the biggest benefits to having a personal trainer is that they have a toolbox full of regressions, progressions and adaptations that keep your body progressing. 


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