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No Memberships, Just Sessions

All of our training plans come in a session package amount. This means that the amount of one-on-one training sessions you purchase are the amount of sessions you get. 12 sessions means 12 private workouts with your trainer.

Choose Your Plan

Though our job as your personal trainer is to guide you and suggest what we believe is the best plan for you, you always have the choice to start on whatever plan feels comfortable for you.

50 Minute Personal Training

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Fifty minute personal training sessions are a great option for anyone looking to learn new fitness concepts, overcome plateaus and maximize their fitness training. If you are in need of accountability, structure, consistency and guidance, a fifty minute session plan could be just the right option for you and your fitness goals. If you are not quite sure where to start, part of our consultation process is figuring out with you what is suitable and realistic for your specific goals, timelines and abilities.

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Talk To A Coach

Whether you already know what plan you feel comfortable with or you are still trying to figure out what you need for your own goals. The best place to start is with our free consultation. This is where we will get to know your personal goals, abilities and possible concerns. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have as well. Don't sit on those questions, book a consultation and talk to a professional coach today!

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