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Strength training is one of the most important things anyone can do to combat the effects of aging. The benefits of exercise go well beyond  just physical strength. Exercise can help with brain health, bone health, our nervous system and our moods. However, it is important to do the right type of exercises. Doing weight baring exercises should be done in a safe and responsible manner. Though there are many benefits to exercising in our older years, there could be some risks involved as well. It is important, if possible, to look for professional guidance. 

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 It is important to understand that though it is all called "weightlifting" the amount of weight and intensity is dependent on the person doing it. Exercise at an older age is simply adjusted according to your abilities, needs and concerns. Part of learning to strength train is learning to move well and move naturally. One of the most important elements of exercise as we get older is the development of balance and stability throughout our entire body. This means balance when we stand, walk or kneel. It also means the ability to move comfortably though life. Without working on your balance and stability your weightlifting and strength will be limited and less efficient. Though we may imagine weightlifting as just putting weights on a bar and lifting it. The truth is that knowing how to move will increase our abilities to gain strength and muscle much more effectively. 

Wether you are ready to work with a personal trainer or still have questions or concerns about the process. The best thing to do is to book a free consultation with us. We can discuss your personal goals, questions and concerns openly and without any need for commitment. 


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