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"The progress has honeslty been mind blowing" - Jaden

Jaden Pan has been working with a personal trainer here at Logic Fitness for a few months. His goals were to learn how to lift weights while gaining muscle size and definition.

So far Jaden has been able to continue making gains in strength and muscle size while losing body fat. 

The longer he trains the more his body awareness continues to increase and the results continue to come.

"Our moods have changed drastically. We're happier."- Gissel 

Gissel and Diana began their fitness journey after first linking up with us through social media. Their biggest concern was finding a place where they could feel comfortable.

Being new to the gym and working out, they were afraid that a gym could be a place where they would be judged. As Gissel mentions in her interview, she felt like this was a place where she could feel comfortable and judgement free.

We are honored to be a place where we could make these sisters feel comfortable and happy.

"This is the first time that I've

stuck with a new year's resolution" - Sara

Sara started her new fitness journey in January as a new years resolution. Looking to do something differently this time and in an attempt to finally stick to it she opted for working with a personal trainer.

Well, after just a few months her decision proved to be the right one. She has now been able to see the results that accountability and consistency can provide!

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