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"I think it was the consultation" - Monique

After college Monique found herself struggling to stay consistent and accountable to her strength training routine. Playing college sports allowed for consistent coaching and training. Now she found herself looking for the right coach to fit her needs. After her initial consultation, she felt Logic was the right fit for her.

"I didn't know if I was doing everything right" - Michelle

After a consistent workout routine attending classes and lifting weights at the gym. Michelle knew that what she needed in order to achieve her fitness goals was weightlifting exercise. She knew she needed to lift weights, but she also knew she would need guidance and education in order to learn about proper form, movement patterns and techniques. She decided to join our personal training program and the rest was history! 

"This is the best I've
felt in...forever" - Jasmine

Jasmine wanted to lose weight and get stronger. She tried working out at big box gyms and felt uncomfortable. When her mom's friend told her about Logic Fitness she decided to give one-on-one personal training a chance. Ever since that day she has not looked back. She has become part of our Logic family and has the results to show the commitment and dedication she has put into her health!

"We've done stuff I've never done before" - Jennifer

Before starting her personal training journey Jennifer was concerned with what the workouts would look like. Would we really be lifting weights or just doing cardio? Would the workouts be too easy? Would they be too hard?

But after our first meeting she decided to give it a try. She is now thirty pounds lighter and capable of lifting weights with increased load and great technique.  

"The progress has honeslty been mind blowing" - Jaden

Jaden Pan has been working with a personal trainer here at Logic Fitness for a few months. His goals were to learn how to lift weights while gaining muscle size and definition.

So far Jaden has been able to continue making gains in strength and muscle size while losing body fat. 

The longer he trains the more his body awareness continues to increase and the results continue to come.

"This is the first time that I've
stuck with a new year's resolution" - Sara

Sara started her new fitness journey in January as a new years resolution. Looking to do something differently this time and in an attempt to finally stick to it she opted for working with a personal trainer.

Well, after just a few months her decision proved to be the right one. She has now been able to see the results that accountability and consistency can provide!

"It drowns out that negative
inner-dialogue"  - Michelle

Rachel is the prime example that having a personal trainer is way more than just lifting weights and doing exercise. It is about the mental and emotional support that we all sometimes need when we are working towards new goals and facing new challenges. 

Wether you are ready to work with a personal trainer or still have questions or concerns about the process. The best thing to do is to book a free consultation with us. We can discuss your personal goals, questions and concerns openly and without any need for commitment. 

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