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Personal Training for Strength and Building Muscle

What do most people think about when they think about going to the gym or working with a personal trainer? Well, they think most people are doing these things in order to lose weight. But that is simply not the case!

Many of us are looking for an increase in strength or a gain in muscle size. But like anything new this too brings it's own set of questions. Questions like, What exercises do I do? How much weight should I be lifting? How many repetitions do I do? Where should I feel what I doing? And on and on...and on!

If this is at all what has gone through your mind you are in the right place! As fitness professionals it is literally our life's duty to know, teach and apply all of these things daily.

Hiring a personal trainer allows for a professional to create and guide you through the proper fitness plan for you. It also give you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience you would not otherwise have access to if not by meeting with your trainer week after week!


"This is the best I've
felt in...forever
" - Jasmine

Jasmine wanted to lose weight and get stronger. She tried working out at big box gyms and felt uncomfortable. When her mom's friend told her about Logic Fitness she decided to give one-on-one personal training a chance. Ever since that day she has not looked back. She has become part of our Logic family and has the results to show the commitment and dedication she has put into her health!

Watch Jasmine talk about her experince

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