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When you make the decision lose weight, more often than not, you have already spent some time thinking about it. In all honesty, you have probably already tried doing something about it without much success. This pattern often leads to frustration. 

 The most common reasons for lack of results for wight loss are:

1. You have a hard time sticking to a routine long enough to make significant changes. Creating consistency in working out is holding you back. 

2. You are not sure what it is you should be doing. Even if you manage to stick to it, a lack of direction leads to little progress and loss of enthusiasm. 

3. The mental and emotional challenges that come with change are not easy. Changing our health and our fitness requires us to make changes. These changes, though necessary, are not always the easiest.

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Our approach to weight loss is built on understanding the unique struggles and variables that come with exercise as an overweight person. The mental and emotional struggles that come with something new can be dauting. There is also the physical limitations that may come with exercise as a beginner. The concern that a workout will be too hard to accomplish or commit to. Lastly, the building of new habits that come with change is not always something we as humans look forward too.

Our one-one-one personal training plans take all of these things into account. Our solution is as follows below:


The most important thing when starting a new journey is having someone on your team. Having someone, in this case a professional, allows you to talk through the process. It gives you the ability to ask questions, to share your feelings and feel motivated to show up another day. Having the support of a personal trainer that is not only teaching, but guiding you through this journey can be a critical part of a successful exercise program.


When you have gained weight, the way your body feels, moves, and responds has also changed. It is important to begin an exercise plan that takes into account that you are a beginner and that your body needs some time to adapt to these new ways of moving. We call this phase of your exercise plan the "conditioning phase" because we need to allow your body to adapt and adjust. The exercises when you begin should be doable for you to get the most out of it.


The best way to make lasting change is to make small realistic changes first. Trying to do it all at once or all right away usually only lasts a short while. The reality is that we are where we are because of a bunch of little day to day habits we have built over time. Our approach is to first address the low hanging fruit. Starting with the easiest habits first. Allowing the success of the small wins to fuel bigger ones in the future. The first of these habits being to begin to exercise your body with a professional.


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