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Sam Lopez


Since starting his personal training career, Sam has always been someone who looks at things differently. After observing gym culture and fitness coaching for years. He decided that people needed something real and truly helpful. Logic Fitness is the physical form of those beliefs.

Sean Tolentino


 With over a decade of experience in the personal training field Sean's passion for fitness and self improvement is always evident and contagious. His discipline and accountability makes not only his clients, but everyone around him want to do their best. Sean's biggest strength is his ability to listen, understand and adapt to people. It is why he is such an important part of this team.

Crystal Lopez


Humbe, chill and full of passion for fitness. Crystal is an outstanding fitness professional and friend. When it comes to working with a coach you are not likely to find someone as focused and caring. Crystal's biggest strength is her loyalty. It is why she is so appreciated by her clients and her team. 

Brittany Banks


Energy and passion for fitness is what makes Brittany such an outstanding personal trainer. Her willingness to grown and learn as a person makes her a knowledgeable and personable coach. Brittany's biggest strength is in her love for fitness, for people and her team.

Favio Ventura

Favio Ventura

With a smile on his face Favio is always ready to help. Always doing his best and looking for knowledge. He works hard to always give his clients the best experience possible. Being curious and looking for new information makes Favio a great trainer and great part of this team.

Wether you are ready to work with a personal trainer or still have questions or concerns about the process. The best thing to do is to book a free consultation with us. We can discuss your personal goals, questions and concerns openly and without any need for commitment. 

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