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The goal of the consultation is to help you build a road map to your personal fitness goals. Every individual has their own personal goals, starting point and concerns. A consultation is a way to get personalize advise about your new fitness routine. In order to give you the best and most accurate plan our personal trainers take into account your age, height, sex, fitness level, knowledge of exercise, motivations, injuries, abilities and concerns. This information along with an assessment of your current fitness level and movement level leads to a more helpful and honest conversation about your fitness. At the end of your consultation your trainer will give you a Roadmap Checklist outlining your next steps in your journey.

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When you are done with your consultation your coach will give you your free checklist for you to take home with you. On this worksheet there will be three main elements to help you start your new fitness routine.

1. Road Map - This allows you to put the next steps in order. After your conversation and assessment. Your coach will suggest a possible step by step look into the future, outlining the next three phases you should consider and in what order.

2. Motivations - This is a reminder of why you want to start your fitness routine and what matters to you most. This is important in keeping you focused on your goals.

3. First Step - This is a three-exercise routine your coach will give you based on your conversation and their observations during your initial visit. This is a routine you can take home and implement right away.

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