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Before you start!

Remember that hiring a personal trainer takes some research. Sometimes it is more than just someone who is going to kick your butt and make you sweat. Having a personal trainer is also about working out with someone you can feel comfortable with!

Your personal trainer will be part of your life for at least few weeks . You want to make sure that you first talk with your coach and ask some questions of your own.

For this reason we offer everyone who is considering hiring a personal trainer to first set up a free consultation with us! It's a great way to meet, talk and try out our coaching!

What to expect during your consultation:

1. Our personal trainer will ask you about your goals, abilities, motivations, health history & possible injuries or concerns you may have. Noting all the important facts about you.

2. You will have time to ask questions as well. Things you want to achieve, things you may have heard, or concerns you may have about working out in general. All questions are welcome!

3. Our personal trainer will take basic measurements of you. Things like weight, body fat, inches around arms & stomach just to name a few (you may opt out if you are not comfortable with this step)

4. Finally you may go through a fitness assessment. Think of it as a mini workout. Though the purpose of this step is more about seeing how well you move and where a realistic starting point would be for you.


5. When your consultation is over your coach will summarize what they saw in your performance and give you a realistic approach and timeline for your goals. 

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