Check out our 3 step formular for success below!





Define the what:

Before we even begin talking about working out and eating right we have to define what it is that you want to achieve. We need to know what direction we must go in before we even think about starting this fitness journey with you. For example, if your goal is to lose 20lbs your plan will be very different than if you want to be able to do 20 pull ups. Defining what it is that you really want to accomplish is the first step in choosing the right course of action!

This is why all of our members start by coming in for a one on one consultation on their very first visit.

Define the why:

Once we have the "what" we want to define an important  "why" to go along with it. Why the why? The why is the fuel to your what. It is the driving force that has given everyone of us a reason to get off of our butts and take action! In many cases it will be the only reason why you decide to put on those gym shoes and show up again. Without a why it will be hard to stay motivated along the way. But with that why defined and written down you will be unstoppable. 




Customize to your needs:

 When you makes a decision to look for a personal trainer it is usually because there is something missing. Most people know that they need to work out, but more often than not the lack of knowledge, experience, motivation, accountability get in the way. That is where we as the fitness professionals come in. We listen to what it is that you need from us and do our best to fill that gap. Do you need motivation and accountability? Or maybe you need to learn alternative exercises? Whatever you need, we will customize your plan to fit your needs.

Customize to your concerns or limitations:

If you have some injuries, limitations, concerns or surgeries then we will begin at whatever level is necessary. This is not a place for "drill sergeant" style coaching. This is a place that is about education, patience and modification. We are in it for the long term result. Remember, that before we do any type of fitness activity we will have a consultation where we will know ahead of time what concerns or limitations you may have. 




First make a plan:

Our job is to collect information, make a plan and be with you along the way.

At this point we know what the goal is, why we want to achieve it and what our current level of abilities is.

The final step is to begin a plan that takes into account all of these elements and makes it all work together. That is the magic of having a personal trainer.

Progress every day:

You must now begin where you are. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in the gym. We must now begin to simply make progress towards the goal we defined. Taking into account any limitations that may exist. 

As you begin to improve, the workouts will also be changed and adapted. As you get better you will need new exercises, new modifications and new tools. This is the importance of having a trainer with you in your journey.

Remember, "What go you here won't get you there."