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Covid 19 Update:


With the concern of all of our members health in mind and due to the regulations put in place by our local government. We were closed to the public from March 14th to June 11th 2020.


As of today the reopening of fitness studios & gyms has been approved. Watch our covid19 update video below to get the reopening details!



On this  program a personal trainer collects information and builds a program specific to your  goals, needs, wants and concerns.

Every workout is scheduled to your most convenient times every week and are always guided by your fitness coach.

This option is great for those who have specific goals and want the exclusivity of having a more personalized experience.

Kickbox HIIT

Women's Boxing

 This women's boxing class focuses on techniques, mitt work & body weight training. Using 2 minute intervals this class allows you to learn, push and work at the pace that is right for you. Regardless of experience or fitness level!




Women's Strength Training

Currently Unavailable

 This women's strength training class is open to all fitness levels . With a limit of 6 people per class we are able to truly focus  on proper techniques, fundamental movements & a new monthly objective. This specialized class is for making you both physically and mentally stronger.


Health & Fitness



If you are looking around trying to figure out what you should do or what gym will be the best fit for you. The best thing to do is to talk to someone about your goals, needs and concerns.

We offer a free 30 minute sit down with a coach where you can ask any questions you may have. A fitness coach will also ask you questions about your health and fitness, habits and goals.

The goal of this consultation is for you to walk away knowing more about what you would need to do to achieve your fitness goal.

Everyone is different.

Different goals, different abilities, different needs.

To know what is best for you.

A free consultation is the best place to start.




This online platform allows for you to work out with one of our professional personal trainers from your home or office. You need only minimal or no equipment at all. Join a community of busy people looking for a convenient & effective guided workout via desktop or phone.



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