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Personal Training for Post-Rehab

We all know what a rehabilitation plan looks like. You have an injury or surgery that keeps you from being able to move a certain body part. When you are given the "Ok" you got to a physical therapist to regain motion and strength in that previously limited area.

The problem now is that you can move that body part, but you cannot move it as well or as strongly as you once did! Or you want to start building your body back up through strength training, but something just doesn't feel right. 

This is where the "post" in post-rehab comes in. Even after you have been cleared to resume your normal activities, you may be feeling that there is more that can be done.

If this is where you find yourself then looking into hiring a personal trainer for post-rehab work might be just what you are looking for.

The purpose of a post-rehab training plan is to apply some of the ideas of traditional rehabilitation and blend them with what we know about strength training and body building.

Using what we call "leaner progression" we build up your body or specific body part by monitoring small gains in progress in different areas (flexibility, strength, conditioning, etc.).

The sum total of these small gains in progress will inevitability result in major net gains.

Watch this video to learn about our
post-rehab process!

This plan is best for:

- Someone who is looking for guidance for the first time

- Someone who has tried starting a workout routine, but is limited by a previous injury or surgery 

- Someone who has finished their physical therapy, but wants to continue their progress and improvement

- Someone who wants to learn how to avoid future injuries

- Someone who prefers one-on-one attention & communication

- Someone who feels more comfortable working out in a private setting

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