One Day Workshops

Our workshops are all specifically created to teach the beginner or the everyday gym goer the fundamentals of fitness. Each workshop is centered around a specific subject or problem. The goal of each of our classes is to give you only the most important information in order for you to be able to understand and apply it.

We are truly just teachers at heart and want to share the gift of health and fitness with our community. In order to give everyone the best and most comprehensive experience we make sure to keep our classes small. If you are interested in the subject matter of one of our upcoming workshops make sure to sign up right away!

What we will cover:

- Common mistakes and misunderstandings

- Correct techniques and form

- Fitness theory

- Practical Application of subject matter

- Take home note for future review

Upcoming Events

  • Squats for Beginners
    Sat, Aug 20
    Logic Fitness
    If you are just starting out your strength training journey and you are looking for guidance and education this beginner level squat workshop will teach you the basics. You will learn how to squat, how to improve your technique, and how to increase the strength and size of your leg muscles.
  • Strength Training 101
    Sat, Aug 27
    Logic Fitness
    What exercises work what muscles? How much should I lift? How many repetitions should I do? How long does it take to see improvement? How much should I eat? This workshop will cover all of the basic of strength training/weight lifting!