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We are looking for Personal Trainers!

Our Mission:

To provide the people of our community truly individualized fitness guidance.

Using our education, knowledge, experience and wisdom.

We aim to create, track and adapt workout plans

according to every individual's needs.


Our Philosophy 

There are many places in the city for people to work out. So why would our clients continue to choose us over the rest? It is because we make it a point to create individualized training programs using proper and accurate fitness methods.  We listen and care about every one of our members and we do the appropriate workout for them throughout their entire fitness journey with us.

Safety and professionalism are at the top of our values. We are not personal trainers looking to be social media famous. We are fitness professionals dedicated to serving our clients, because that is the responsibility we have accepted.

A Logic Fitness Personal Trainer puts their clients first. 

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Unlike most of the corporate gyms out there. Where you have to build up your client base throughout the entire day. Our private studio makes available two full time shifts. Shift A being from 6am-1pm & Shift B being from 1pm - 8pm Monday through Friday. This allows our trainers to have a more traditional schedule and a better work- life balance. Having set hours allows for better quality training and eliminates the competitive "sales" culture so prevalent in corporate gym settings. 



Our personal trainers are guaranteed a minimum weekly hourly rate. This means that whether you are servicing personal training sessions or not you are getting paid. In addition to the base hourly rate there is a per session commission added for every training session serviced.

However, there is a minimum amount of active clients all of our personal trainers must maintain after their first few months of employment.

Average Hourly Compensation:

$25- $35


Complete an application below!
(Hiring for Mon to Fri 1pm-8pm Shift)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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